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I am interested in creative collective effort. Formats that are changed and adjusted when each new person makes their own. Things like the Gossip Girl meme and the Jane Lynch meme, as the most straight forward examples. I want to review and report on what we’re talking about, and think about why we’re talking about it. Regardless of if Media people think it's important enough to tell our parents about. I am open to but not specifically talking about memes in the sense of repeatedly shared images. This is more about Twitter and Tiktok where memes are created to played with, more than Instagram and Facebook where memes are created to be shared. 

I will not be reviewing trends. I will be reviewing memes

Memes are a part of the culture now. They have an affect on us, and we all have opinions on them. We have to parse through each meme as it comes and no one seems to be doing that with any semblance of base knowledge of memes. Too often the focus is on explaining and understanding. The focus is never on saying whether something merits our attention or if we as participants in the meme are giving it our best efforts, or if it even deserves them. We all want to participate in the inside joke that is the internet but sometimes its not fun as it could be or should be. 

If you need a meme explained to you, the best place to find that explanation, is

If you are wondering what my qualifications are

  •  I have a BFA

  •  I go on twitter like its my job

  • I send more tiktok dms than anyone I know just by sheer volume of time spent on the app

  • I have been on the internet since I was a small child

  •  I am an Aquarius, which I believe makes me uniquely qualified to talk about the future, the internet, and culture in general

  • I’m gen z.

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Kathryn Winn is a writer originally from Burlington, VT who now resides in Los Angeles. She writes about the internet, culture, and internet culture. She also has a degree in screenwriting, not that it means anything.