Here's Who's Hot 🔥 on Tiktok Right Now

Like every social ecosystem, Tiktok has it’s cool kids. Here is a non comprehensive list of the popular creators who are beloved by Tiktok, right now. These lists change fast so if you are reading this after October 3rd, it may be incorrect. All parties involved may have been cancelled or worse, forgotten. This is not an out and out value judgement but more an evaluation of who is popular. One could make the in list and I could still despise them.


Emily Mariko

Duh. Obviously. If you’re not eating Salmon rice, what are you even doing? What’s wrong with you, moron? Eat the lunch the beautiful woman in the beautiful kitchen with the beautiful life showed you how to make. She’s a nice girl. 

Carla Rockmore 

Finally someone giving fashion advice with an actual sense of style. I’m so tired of people teaching me how to pair basics. She’s aspirational but gives advice that anyone can use. A lot of people have soured on Project Runway and What Not to Wear and other fashion advice outlets of the naughties but those people had good tips and their advice is useful to this day. (Tim Gunn was right when he said no one looks good in capris!) Carla gives us rules and shows us how to break them. Fashion is about matching the world at large with your personal needs. Carla shows us how to do that in her gigantic closet without telling us what exactly to buy. Hopefully Carla ushers in a new wave of fashion that is self expressive while also being self aware. 

Pot Roast’s mom

I needed to include an animal and I love Pot Roast the cat. I think Pot Roast’s mom does a great job while also being really funny. Pot Roast’s mom really speaks through Pot Roast and we get a sense of the cat’s personality, as well as hers. Pot Roast is as funny as she is cute and instead of getting bogged down in cutesy bullshit we’re getting a frank and honest look at the lives of everyone involved. Pot Roast’s mom lets us know up front that this is what she and Pot Roast have to offer, get on board or get out. I have to applaud them for that.

The Tiktok 10 Quiz

I love him. I love Miles, the nerdy Australian guy who makes a daily quiz on Tiktok for his loyal followers. He’s a genius, both in his trivia knowledge and for making this quiz every week day. Sometimes Tiktok feels like a self sustaining city. We have everything the outside world has to offer in our app. We don’t need to leave the app for trivia game shows, we have one of our very own. I’m so happy that this is the one we have. He brings a certain joie de vivre that is lacking when there are guest hosts. It’s as much about my boy as it is about the trivia and that’s the highest compliment I can give. His character and personality are integral to the show working. He also includes the current events of both the world at large and those limited to Tiktok. I watch the Tiktok 10 every day and I’m better for it.

Mrs. Frazzled 

Sometimes it's good to check in on the real world where people are doing tangible work. Mrs. Frazzled is an elementary school teacher who lets us know what she is up to and what she’s working on. I like to know what’s up in third grade world each day instead of in unemployed substacker who’s quickly running out of money world. She by no means makes the life of a teacher look easy but she does make it look interesting. Her world and life is so different from my own despite us being the same age and living in the same part of the country. She gives incredible insight on what it is like to be a teacher right now and just in general. If we have to see people broadcast the details of their career on tiktok, I’d much rather her and other teachers than consults trying to tell me how hard it is to date finance bros. I’m more invested in how Mrs. Frazzled’s class is taking to multiplication than the hassle of getting drinks in Murray Hill.

Remi Bader 

No one is doing like her! Remi provides a service unlike anyone else. She tells us what companies mean when they say XL or XXL and how it varies from store to store and item to item. The great Midsize wars of 2021 continue on but now we have Remi and there's no need. Remi has solved that crisis. If you relate to Remi’s videos and she provides a valuable service, you’re midsize. Remi lets me and all the other people like us know that the newest peasant blouse simply will not fit our boobs the way we want to. Remi has the charm and grace and wit to make swallowing the pill of a Zara skirt never fitting me so much easier. Remi will be on my forever IN list but she’s having a moment right now and I support it wholeheartedly. 

Rick Lox 

This one is specific to Los Angeles, but the logic could be applied to the food reviewers currently terrorizing your city. Rick Lox is the food reviewer for my city that I trust. I may disagree with him but he’s the only one who will go to the hot spots and tell you if they’re worth it and where they are. People will often say restaurants are in Los Angeles when they are technically in LA County but an hour’s drive and Rick would never do that. He has a bit of the Sean Evans from Hot Ones effect going. I wouldn’t say either of them really sparkle on screen but I wouldn’t trust anyone else to do what they do. He’s our version of the VIPlist girls but he’s actually useful and provides a service people need. 

Lisa Pedace

Every time a Lisa Pedace video comes up on my For You page, she makes me laugh. No one doing sketches on Tiktok has the hit rate of Lisa. She has her genres, (“Honey Look”, “Such A Smart Shopper”) which are great every time but when she branches out she also shines. She’s such a talent and harnesses her look and her demographic to really make the jokes land. “Honey Look” kills me every time, no matter the circumstances because that’s simply what my mother would say in those circumstances. “Honey look spices!” when there are indeed spices at the market we’re at is a spot on observation from both the character she’s playing and her as writer. I will never get tired of her and that's why she has such staying power. 

Grace O’Heeron

Better known as the girl with the traumatic brain injury remodeling her bathroom. I know what you’re thinking, Kathryn, she hasn’t been on my FYP in forever, why include her now? Because, dear reader, she’s remodeling her bathroom AGAIN. If you haven’t seen her yet this time around, you will. I can’t wait to see what she does now and where the journey takes us. We all doubted her last time but for the most part she pulled through.  Pray to whatever deity you believe in that she doesn’t fuck up her plumbing and let’s get on this design rollercoaster together. 

Briggs Edwards

Briggs is a pledge at the university of North Carolina who does Tiktok dances. His own videos are garnering a lot of views but as with any campus celebrity people are trying to find him and be seen with him. They want to dance with Briggs. The first dance had to be some kind of hazing event but it has only skyrocketed him to greater fame. Briggs is a folk hero to these people. We get to watch his rise, and eventual fall. Briggs is great because it’s not only what Briggs posts, its what the people around Briggs post. It is a scavenger hunt for both Briggs around campus and Briggs related content on Tiktok. I hope it all works out for the kid.