Meme Report 9/22

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First things first I put together a little survey about Memeforum so I can make it better and more enjoyable. It will be up for a while so submit it at your own pace if you so desire. This will be really helpful for me and I’m excited to hear what you think :). Now onto the memes!


The Final September Video.

Demi Adejuyigbe is one of the masters of the internet. He makes videos and tweets that seemed designed to delight people of our generation with the shared knowledge base. Everything Demi does brings a smile to my face. His most ambitious project is the September videos. Every year they get bigger and bigger and this year, as I suspected, is the final one. It’s incredible at 8 minutes long and lives up to the higher and higher bar has Adejuyigbe set for himself every year. I do not want to spoil it but it’s an incredible note to go out on. He seems to be going out on his terms, squeezing the last of enjoyment out of it that he can and trying his best to match high production values with pure fun. I am happy that he was able to do it one last time with the knowledge that it would in fact be the last one. He is a very talented comedian and as much as I, and others, love the videos it is good that Adejuyigbe is setting clear boundaries with his audience. If you love something let it go, and I’m more than happy to let Demi go and pursue other creative endeavors beyond this one video, which were he to continue might end up as some kind of feature film. I can’t wait to see what he does next and how he is allowed to flourish creatively without people breathing down his neck about a video with a very strict deadline. As always, the video is made to raise money for charity with the chance to win a painting by Adejuyigbe or a basketball jersey made to commemorate the final video. I will miss these videos but it’s best to leave when you’re on top. Know when to walk away, know when to run and all that.

AOC Dress

The AOC dress got worse and worse as time went on. I know we see text on fabric and want to open up Photoshop but please resist that urge in the future. Nothing was funny. The longer it went on and the later a meme was posted the less patience I had for it. The Saturday night reveal that the designer actually owed back taxes was… funny? But that's information I needed last Wednesday not almost a week later. The Met Gala is an exhausting week on the internet and hard hitting news has to come in the first 24 hours in order to get people to care. In general, I would also like people to stop arguing about AOC. She’s like Elizabeth Breunig in the sense that whatever she does or says, however bad, is blown out of proportion by the horny freaks who hate her. The fact that anything they say or do can be denounced as bad for the cause of socialism makes it easier to hate them. By no means leave AOC alone but everyone needs to stop being an idiot. 

Cara Corset

The Cara corset that says the thing about coffee is going to be around forever. I don’t like it but I do think it’s an immediate timeless classic. I see it making the rounds as gays go home to their families for Thanksgiving and Christmas. It’s very “Me at the King of Prussia Starbucks getting a pumpkin spice latte before I go to TJ Maxx with my mom”. This one was easier to write off because the political messaging was nonsensical and yet people insisted on engaging with it as if Cara Delevingne is a smart person with valuable things to say about politics and not a model who got popular in the time of tumblr feminism. Cara Delevingne should stick to what she does best, being pictured holding hands with previously thought to be straight female celebrities. Everyone who started pegging discourse needs to touch grass. Like they're right but once you start tweeting earnestly about Queer theory you’ve already lost. 

It’s Giving Cher

Poor Shawn Mendes. Everyone on the internet thinks he’s gay and to prove he’s not he’s in a long term relationship with Camilla Cabello, the worst member of fifth harmony. This video has all the elements of the things that drive the public crazy in terms of trying to figure out if he’s actually gay. “It’s giving…” popularized in the lexicon by Drag Race, is a thing only gay people and the most annoying straight women you’ve ever met say. The problem here is that Shawn is suspected of being the first one and Camilla is definitely the second one. This video confirms nothing but is definitely going in a folder marked “EVIDENCE” that those who are interested in this modern mystery all have in out brains. The worst part is, it wasn’t even giving Cher. 

The Talking Man

I love award shows. I love the Emmys and they were bad this year. Everyone looked ill. British people kept winning and the stage was weird. Cedric the Entertainer being the host was a fun choice and I wish he had brought more friends with him. I thought the bit with his three tv wives was really fun. I like when people on TV pretend they're all friends with each other. It’s the best part. Back to the meme at hand. Everyone really hated the Queen's Gambit speech. When I was checking Twitter after the event everyone seemed really upset about it. I did not notice it being that bad because my friends and I were yelling about Anya Taylor Joy’s parentage and whether or not she’s German Argentinian (She’s not but her Wikipedia page is a great read). Because I was not paying attention that closely I had to rewatch the speech for this critique and I’m sorry I don’t think it was that bad. I think everyone who wins should talk for as long as they need to. He wrote a speech! Let him read it! I thought what he said about Anya was really nice and they started playing him off too early. Not everyone can be Merrit Wever but not everyone has to be. I don’t care that a man spoke for a long time. More women should try being obnoxious blowhards. For everyone who wants to argue that women aren’t rewarded for that, why not start now? No time like the present to become more obnoxious. 


Lit Crazy Movie

One time when I was battling a vicious hangover the only thing that would make my headache subside was saying “My life a movie fr” The phrase is never not funny. Asking someone how something went by saying “Was it a movie fr?” completely seriously will have me on the floor. This sound kills. Everyone nails the delivery of “Lit. Crazy. Movie.” when asked about their night playing the Sims. The original guy who gives a nonchalant delivery of the three best words in the English language adds an incredible layer. My night? It is how it always is, Lit, Crazy, Movie. Never stop making these, with the caveat that I don’t want nerds getting too into it. I don’t want them to ruin this with their faux self effacing demeanor to talk about books or fanfiction or Marvel. I’m only interested in people whose lives are movies fr. 


Are women stupid? This is a question I find myself asking more and more. The things that are popular among us baffle and confuse me. Do they know that you can listen to a song despite it not matching up with your exact autobiography? The first girl definitely made it as a joke. It is funny to really identify with this song if you are unemployed or your boyfriend is really rich but the more I see this the more it becomes just women saying their jobs or that they “technically live below the poverty line”. After this second round of unfunny situations made by people with regular jobs, the discourse started. Women making videos about what the song is actually about and the deeper meaning behind it, which let me just say, is the lowest form of thought. It’s a good song and the first time it was funny. It does not need to become a meme every time a joke is funny. 

VIP List Parody

I’ve changed my mind, women are funny again. Finally after a year of being terrorized by these women screaming at us about Balthazar or Cipriani, a bunch of girls are doing their impressions and making fun of them. It is more effective and stress relieving to just make fun of them than to start discourse about why they’re problematic or whatever. I could spend hours talking about this. What this new frontier means for women and our eating habits, gender, class, social media, but mostly why did we all watch these videos for so long before anyone said anything? The amount of people who watched these videos day in and day out while not really enjoying their content before someone made fun of them accurately is baffling. However I did want to know if they thought Nobu was overrated so I did watch every time but I’m glad we can laugh about it now.

Remind of Your Gender Again

I find SnarkyMarky to be a little played out and yet every other sound really gets to me. I’m not ready to worship at the altar of him just yet and say they’re all bangers but this one is pretty good. The sound definitely has some misses but overall it’s a lot of hits. I don’t know if I can handle this sound hitting the levels of “ladies and gentlemen… the volume in this bus is astronomical” but I’m along for the ride until then. 

Autumn Aesthetics 

I am an authority on fall. I moved from Vermont the international fall capital of the world to Los Angeles, where fall is a nonexistent collective psychosis we all agree to participate in. I love fall. I love sweaters and leggings and pumpkin spice lattes and apple cider donuts. I love when the leaves change. I love it all but some of you need to calm down. You absolutely need to chill out about all of this. It’s a great season but this spooky season bullshit needs to stop. We all like fall. We all enjoy it. No one is special or unique for liking it. Also something seems off about all this fall stuff. Why is Oh Klahoma the ultimate fall song for you people? Why are all the pictures heavily stylized as if fall is pure fantasy? Have none of you experienced a real fall? It’s nice but not this nice. By all means go apple picking and enjoy your own life but come on. Buy a couple decorative gourds from Target and settle down.